Dyson Hair curler

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

They are really modern technology packed into a lightweight form. Protects hair from heat damage while offering really fast drying. Increases shine on the hair by flattening the cuticle.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

Dyson Supersonic curler

Quick styling curls, what’s not to love about that?

Attracts hair to the curler itself then wraps it around the curler using the Coanda effect.

Hanzo Shears

Hanzo Shears

I love my Hanzo shears, they’re pricey but I love them.

They’re 100% Japanese steel like samurai sword!

Olivia Garden Scalp Therapy Brushes - Crowning Glory Hair Salon, Costa Mesa, CA

Therapy Brushes

Therapy brushes are for use on dry hair. They have two types of bristles a short nylon tip bristle And a natural boar bristle. The sharp nylon bristle will exfoliate the scalp and increase blood flow.

The natural boar bristle will distribute the hair and scalp oils throughout the rest of the length of hair. These are designed to be used on dry hair preferable daily and especially before shampooing.

They keep your scalp and hair happy by removing any sebaceous buildup and skin exfoliation and creating a natural shiny strand by moving the natural oils along hair shaft.

We have always promoted healthy hair and scalp and here’s the perfect brush to treat you hair and scalp

Olivia Garden brushes

Olivia Garden brushes

We carry these Olivia Garden's award winning brushes because you deserve a professional tool at home!

Wow Hair Care Products

WOW hair products

WOW hair products live up to their name, that’s why we use them.  A temporary solution to haircolor regrowth just brush on to blend in the demarcation line of growth, add highlights to your face framing money piece, or use it to extend hair color appt schedule.

Dreamcoat is their anti-humidity/smoothing treatment that lasts 3 - 4 shampoos.

iKeratin hair straightening treatment

iKeratain hair straightening treatments

iKeratain is a keratin hair treatment that provides semi-permanent smoothing

Original Sprouts Hair Products

Original Sprout

Original Sprout sells leave in conditioners, hair gels, and balms that have a completely clean ingredients list.

K-18 leave-in molecular repair hair mask 4-minute leave-in treatment to reverse hair damage

K18 leave-in molecular repair hair mask

K-18 leave-in molecular repair hair mask 4-minute leave-in treatment to reverse hair damage